Zarif Ahmad Razin Bhuiyan

Mechanical Engineer, Educator & Researcher

1st floor (In front of Department of ME), ME Building, BUET, Dhaka 

About ME

Greetings and welcome to my personal website! I'm Zarif. Though I was born in Cumilla district, my childhood was spent at village Kalipur of Chandpur district, situated on the tranquil banks of the magnificent river Meghna

As a Mechanical Engineer, I completed my Bachelor's degree from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in May 2022. I'm currently serving as a Lecturer at Sonargaon University (SU).

Alongside my teaching responsibilities, I'm pursuing a Master's degree from BUET, where I'm focused on exploring the exciting fields of Nano-heat and surface engineering through Molecular dynamics. 

Through this website, I hope to share my journey, insights, and experiences with you as we explore new frontiers and learn from one another.

Life Events

Starting PhD

I will move to North Carolina, USA to join North Carolina State University to pursue PhD in Mechanical Engineering in August, 2024.

Offer Letter

By the grace of almighty Allah, I have received fully funded PhD offer from NCstate and Pennstate University in Fall 2024. 


I found my life partner Mubashira Hoque in April, 2024. Wedding ceremony happened in last week of April in presence of family members. She is pursuing BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery).


Have you ever wondered what really happens during  cloth drying? These everyday processes hold hidden complexities at the interface where solids meet liquids or liquids transform into vapor. Researchers are captivated by these interfacial phenomena, especially when observed at the nanoscale.

My research focuses on Interfacial Thermal Transport at the Nano-scale, where I employ Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations to study the movements of atoms and molecules. This powerful computer simulation method allows us to delve into the invisible world of particles, providing valuable insights.

The applications of MD are vast and impactful. From simulating the behavior of molecules in biological systems to understanding material properties and exploring fluid dynamics, MD opens doors to new discoveries. It also helps us study surface reactions and aids in drug development.

To conduct my research, I utilize LAMMPS (, a widely used open-source software designed specifically for Molecular Dynamics simulations.

Join me on this scientific adventure as we uncover the secrets of interfacial thermal transport. Together, we can push the boundaries of knowledge and pave the way for advancements in biology, materials science, and beyond.


*these authors contribute equally

**these authors contribute equally


Showcase of Skills



Lammps code to observe thermal rectification of graphene (Partial)


Lammps code to determine contact angle of argon on solid copper surface



CFD analysis of NACA 4412 airfoil to investigate lift and drag characteristics


Introduction to programming with MATLAB.pdf

Certificate of the completion of course "Introduction to Programming with MATLAB" in Coursera. 


MATLAB code for solving 2D Truss problems utilizing Finite Element Method (FEM)



Source Code of Latex for the document shown in the right hand side.


An article about the Design of Cooling Tower was prepared using LaTeX


Source Code of Latex Beamer for the presentation shown in the right hand side.


A busy presentation of mathematical equation prepared by LaTeX Beamer. 

MS Office

Certificate _Excel_Intermediate_II.pdf

Certificate of the completion of course "Excel Skills for Business: Intermediate" in Coursera.

NanoConfinedLiquid_final_presentation _v_1.pptx

Presentation slide of undergraduate thesis defence



I have pursued my passion for learning and honing my skills through a strong educational foundation. Here is a glimpse of my educational background: 

Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technloogy

Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology

Notre Dame College, Dhaka

Kalipur School and College